This exhibit is a visual investigation of the sexual exploitation and oppression that faces young Black girls across the African Diaspora. This phenomenon is approached with reticence due to challenges of addressing issues of sexism under the broader context of racism.

This compelling exhibit gives a voice to women who bear both witness to and wounds from sex crimes that occur within the global Black community. While these injustices occur in contexts that seems distant in war-torn places such as Uganda where children are forced to take on roles as soldiers and sex slaves; they also occur close to home, and in homes, where our daughters and nieces are confronted by their fathers and uncles in suburban and urban communities.

is an exploration of the painfully personal; manifestations of the sexually criminal - incest, female circumcision, rape and sex slavery which hopes to serve as a multimedia platform for dialogue, analysis, and to facilitate healing.

Curated By
Shantrelle P. Lewis


As one of the featured artists, Frances Bradley will exhibit two paintings (5ft x 5ft and 5ft x 6ft) part of her 12 piece series titled Womanhood or Womans-hurt? As a contemporary fine artist and illustrator. Her work raises social and political dialogue that evokes emotion, spirituality, sexuality and preservation. This exhibition is a visual testimonial reflecting a woman’s interpretation and experience of being a victim to sexual crimes and abuse. 


Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Frances Bradley has been recognized through the National Conference of Artist in Philadelphia where she received the Artist Legacy Award and awarded studio space through 40th St. Artist in Residence Program in Philadelphia. Because of her strong passion for social change through the arts, she founded The Murals for Mali Project a project based organization dedicated to teaching diverse forms of art to communities in the countries of Mali and using mural art to beautify the impoverished areas. From the fall of 2008 to present, Frances has been the Exhibition Assistant at the African American Museum in Philadelphia and Art Instructor for the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia. Her work has also been featured in publications such as Ghubar Magazine, an International fashion magazine based in Paris, France, art galleries, and commissioned walls of homes in Philadelphia and New York region.